Upcoming Parent Coach Training Workshops

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“I started working with Janet Harder over a year ago shortly after my son was diagnosed with autism. At that time my son was struggling greatly with speech, and communication was incredibly difficult and frustrating. His language skills were 18 months below average and I was worried that he would always struggle to communicate, potentially impacting his ability to engage with his peers and succeed in school. Janet took the time to get to know both my son and I, and understood where we were and what our goals were. Each session she engaged with both of us, teaching my son new skills in a fun and supportive environment, and teaching me how to carry those skills into our daily life. Each session was a training for me to become a more empowered parent and a key player in the growth and development of my son. I am happy to share that the growth we have seen over the past year has completely exceeded our initial goals; my son now communicates as well or better than his peers. He is happy and well adjusted, and enjoys being social and playing with friends. Our home life is happier and easier because we can communicate easily with him and he can express his feelings and needs. I am so incredibly grateful for these dramatic shifts that have changed my life and my son’s life in such a positive way. ”

Fiji, Parent