Training in the Early Start Denver Model

“I took my ESDM advanced training with Janet and Michaela and it was truly transformational as a clinician.  The “in the moment” coaching and unwavering support was unparalleled.  They are fun and engaging and truly passionate about quality evidence-based practice that is respectful and responsive to the child and the family.  I also completed my ESDM Therapist certification with Michaela and have learned soo much!  She is and will continue to be my mentor throughout my professional career.”  

Carla Willock, Registered Speech-Language Pathologist

Available Training in the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM)

Both Janet and Michaela are Certified ESDM Trainers and enjoy helping others learn about the model. We regularly host ESDM Advanced workshops; these are offered both online and in person. We are also able to accommodate unique training requests. Once a request is received, we will work with interested parties to find suitable arrangements to support your training needs. We are happy to travel within Canada and internationally when it is safe to do so.

ESDM Information Sessions

JHMJ Coaching & Consulting is available to provide overview workshops for those wanting to learn more about the ESDM. Workshops are 2-4 hours in length depending on the learning goals of the audience. Please contact us for more information and to discuss your learning requirements.

ESDM Introductory Workshop

All professionals wanting to complete the ESDM Advanced Workshop must first complete the ESDM Online Introductory Workshop. This is an online workshop with no in-person teaching. The introductory workshop is only available through the UC Davis Campus in Sacramento California. ​This workshop is the first step to becoming a certified ESDM Therapist.

ESDM Advanced Workshop

This workshop is the next step towards becoming a certified ESDM therapist. This workshop is available through JHMJ Coaching & Consulting and is offered either in person, or through video conferencing technology. We regularly offer ESDM Advanced workshops. Please check our upcoming workshops for future offerings or contact us and let us know your specific training needs.

ESDM Therapist Certification

This is the final step for professionals to focus their learning in this model. Steps to become a certified therapist include the ESDM Introductory Workshop, the ESDM Advanced workshop, and working one-on-one with your trainer for ESDM Therapist Certification. JHMJ Coaching & Consulting is happy to work with professionals during this final stage of ESDM certification.

“The first time I came into contact with the ESDM, an empirical treatment of autism in young children was when I first met Janet. I found this training to be very helpful in my practice. ​My trainer was Janet Harder. She is experienced and knowledgeable. She has a warm and empathetic manner of teaching, has a collaborative style of support, and a strong understanding of the specific components of the model. Her support allowed me to grow and progress during my learning process. She supported me in my learning and ensured I demonstrated the required fidelity skills to obtain certification in the ESDM.” 

Dexter Fan, Licensed Clinical Psychologist