Upcoming Intervention Training Workshops

"I like the third session, very practical. Very important to know the personal profile of child. Working with autistic children, we need to understand "why" the behaviour happen. Then apply positive behaviour support, visual supports, quick wins! evidence-based supports and strategies, tolls for self-regulation etc."

Sandra Cheng, Early Childhood Educator

"It was great workshop. I really enjoyed every section. Just amazing and perfect workshop. The amount of video and face to face guiding is perfect. I really love it."

Maria Lee, Early Childhood Educator

"The use of videos is extremely helpful, allowing you to see techniques in action rather than trying to visualize them from what is being said. I thoroughly enjoyed all 3 workshop evenings. I found the information very useful and I can't wait to bring some techniques back to the center with me! I have shared many of the links already with my colleagues and they can't wait to hear more about the workshops. Thank you for all the valuable tips, discussions, links and encouragement that this workshop provided 🙂"

Mary Tracy, Early Childhood Educator

"Every aspect of the 3 workshop was very informative with visual videos to clearly understand autism. The amount of resources and support for families and child. Overall I truly admire and dedication that is place to help the families and children. As ECE it has given me new tools and strategies to support, guide, inform my families and children. Thank you for all the information and guidance to keep as teachers or parents to continue working for our children."

Julia Cecilia Garcia, Early Childhood Educator

"The speakers were engaging, lots of video, room for questions."

Supported Child Development Consultant, BC Centre for Ability

"I like the way the material is broke down and presented each night, building on everyone's experience and skill level around autism. The videos keep it engaging so the information is easier understood and relatable. Also loved how much they broke down basic strategies (visuals) and the importance of taking the time to find out the 'why' before implementing them!"

Supported Child Development Consultant, BC Centre for Ability

"A friendly presentation for educators regardless of their experience."

Supported Child Development Consultant, BC Centre for Ability

"Thank you for a great first 'virtual' training experience."

Supported Child Development Consultant, BC Centre for Ability

Tools for Success: Evidence-Informed Strategies to Support Children

January 31st, 2024 @ 6:00pm-8:00pm PST


Details: This workshop will provide a brief overview of Positive Behaviour Support as a framework for setting up meaningful and successful outings and interactions with children. Together, we will review evidence-informed supports and strategies that have strong peer-reviewed research support, to include all children in learning and care environments. Learners will walk away with details about how to set up the environments they work in, to ensure that children in their care will be able to participate and engage to their fullest ability.

Suitable for students, novice, intermediate and experienced early care and learning professionals working with preschool children, school age children, including children with extra support needs.

Registration: Please contact the Westcoast Child Care Resource Centre: https://www.wstcoast.org

If you are interested in a specific workshop for your group, please contact us.