Upcoming Workshops

“Thank you Janet and Michaela, for providing an excellent ESDM Advanced workshop for our group. The whole workshop was very inspiring, helped us to shape our therapy skills and dig deep into ESDM way of thinking. With every session I felt how my practical skills were improving, being able to notice smallest details of communication, targeting the selected goals and reflecting on my own work. You were very supportive and taking into account our individual needs. I would definitely love to attend other trainings from the two of you.”

Tini Avsajanishvili, Speech-Language Pathologist

“Wow! Overall, I found this L1 and L2 parent coaching workshop to be everything I hoped for and more. I really feel like I got my money’s worth and so many valuable connections and resources. The balance of video, theory, application and personal reflection made the workshop very engaging and dynamic. I really enjoyed the way the workshop ran, and the resources offered; it has given me a framework to work from in my current role of supporting BIs as well as for when I do work 1:1 with families. Thank you Michaela and Janet!”

Bethany Boyle, BCBA

“Parent Coach training with Michaela has been transformative to my practice.  After nearly twenty years as an SLP, this training allowed me to take all the skills I had in place and moved them into a deeper framework that has benefitted a huge range of children and families I work with. Thank you, Michaela!”

Karen, Registered Speech-Language Pathologist

“The L1 and L2 parent coaching workshop was great, thank you very much! It was very helpful getting to see examples in the videos. It was great to hear how you troubleshooted issues that came up. I appreciated that you highlighted the difficulties in this approach, and how you have had to monitor and change your own behaviour. As I take on more parent coaching clients, I will aim to apply the strategies and theory learned in this course. Having reviewed the adult learning principles and coaching characteristics was very helpful to ensure a solid foundation is established with parents and to ensure I’m coaching them in the most effective way for them. I hope to empower them and really establish a true partnership.”

Orly Silberstein, M.Ed., BCBA