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SLP-CCORE is a highly flexible tool for Speech Language Pathologists dedicated to working with children. This evidence-based goal bank of early communication skills is designed to be tailored to each unique client and family, making it an essential resource for schools, therapy centers, clinics, and private practices. Goals are supported by references to resources and research, ensuring you provide the highest quality care. 

SLP-CCORE is specifically designed for SLPs focused on early intervention and elementary school children. With a customizable bank of evidence-based communication targets, you can use your expertise to adapt the goals to meet the individual needs of each child. SLP-CCORE reduces administrative burdens, allowing you to dedicate more time to direct, impactful services. It streamlines the creation of quality programs, tracks and monitors progress efficiently, and facilitates seamless communication with families and team members.

The SLP-CCORE goal bank templates are available via subscription to the UnitusTI electronic data records (EDR) cloud, with servers in Canada and the USA. This setup is ideal for SLPs providing online services and for monitoring programs delivered by therapy assistants.